About Sornai Music

Sornai is a leading world music school based in London UK.
The school was initiated by Veria Amiri and Payam Iran-Manesh in 2008. The founder’s aim was to initiate a school which concentrates on teaching Persian traditional music. However during years of experience and development now there are various classes for all different musical traditions.

Sornai is committed to teaching and presenting the finest in traditional and contemporary music from around the world with the goal of inspiring wonder for world cultures through music.

Sornai aims to enrich the lives of people living in London by promoting awareness of other cultures and their traditions. Sornai collaborates with community organizations and academic institutions in fostering greater understanding and appreciation of the world’s cultural traditions and presents at venues throughout the city.

Under new leadership since 2013, its 10th anniversary season, World Music Institute has introduced an ambitious expansion of music tuition offerings that include Persian, Classical, Turkish, Arabic, experimental and avant-garde presentations, as well as the Persian traditional music that Sornai has long been known and admired for.

Sornai has presented more than 50 concerts and events featuring artists from different countries across all UK. Through powerful programming, Sornai is creating a movement that promotes awareness and engagement of other cultures, helping to encourage a deeper understanding of communities around UK.

Our Teaching Program

Here in Sornai we offer tuitions for a wide range of instruments and more:

Persian/Iranian Tar (), Persian/Iranian Setar (), Piano (classica, jazz, pop, Iranian), Violin (Classical, Persian/Iranian Traditional), Persian/Iranian Kamancheh, Gheychak, Oud (Turkish, Arabic), Tonbak, Daf.

Vocal (Classical, Iranian Traditional), Solfege, Ear training.

Music Theory, Harmony, Counterpoint.

Our Teaching Courses

All of our instructors have higher musical education and experience in the music industry. They undergo extensive training on how to teach and captivate even the most distracted students. Our teaching methods at All Play Music are based on the concept that every great and complex thing is made of many small simple steps. Our job is to guide our students through those steps with positive reinforcement, patience and humor.

  • Private Lessons
  • Small group lessons
  • Technique
  • Music Theory
  • Music Appreciation
  • Ear Training
  • Masterclasses
  • Orchestra rehearsals
  • Orchestra performance
  • Free Faculty Performances
testimonial-team (Demo)

All playing music has been a blessing to our family not just because they have brought music into all our lives, but because it’s taught my children that they are capable of so much more than they ever thought possible. This is a lesson that will stay them through their entire lives, no matter what they choose to do!

testimonial-team (Demo)
Mrs Hossieni

The bond and level of commitment that All Play Music has forged with my son has catapulted him with the confidence and the skills that I’m sure will last him his whole life. Hats off to All Play Music for enriching our lives with the gift of music.


With the success of our education program, the long-term goal is to partner with local school districts to establish a year-round, accredited institute. Classical music education is the core and would be part of the curriculum offered.

Private Lessons
Our private sessions take place in our school in London/Ealing. The sessions are one to one.
Music Theory
Music theory in Sornai is taught in different levels for different instruments. We teach general, classical and Iranian music theory in Sornai.
Small group lessons
We have group lessons for vocal, daf and children music.
Music Theory
Music theory in Sornai is taught in different levels for different instruments. We teach general, classical and Iranian music theory in Sornai.

Our team has grown from two to over 15 people, as our institute has expanded and developed over the years. We are based in
London, and our online team come from all over the world.

Hoora Haeri

Hoora Haeri is trained as a photographer and a film maker. Sher is a member of Sornai admin team.

Nasrin Ahmadi
Head of Admin

Nasrin Ahmadi is the head of Sornai admin team.

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Susan Amiri

Susan Amiri is a flute player. She is academically trained as an architect and is working as a director in Sornai.

Veria Amiri
Founder & Director

Veria Amiri is an accomplished Tar and Setar player. He is a mathematical physicist and a musician.
He has been teaching Tar and Setar in London since 2002.
He studied Tar and Setar under great maestros such as Sahba Motallebi, Jalal Zolfonoon, Behrouz Hemmati, Kayvan Saket, Jamal Samavati, Siamak Nemat Naser and Hossein Alizadeh.

He is the founder of Sornai music school and Sornai and Bidad music ensembles.

He has also been performing with different ensembles and bands in UK, France, Norway and Turkey.

He has many students who have studied under his supervision and have become skillful players.

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We are based in west London and have a very unique and stylish office in Ealing.
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